Vera Sidika: Society encourages skin lightening

Vera Sidika says people tend to accept or prefer light skinned women more than the dark skinned women

Vera Sidika, the Kenyan socialite often dubbed “Kenya’s Kim Kardashian” has defended her decision to lighten her skin saying she did it because she “needed a fresher skin.”

The lady, who has been described as the person with the most photographed behind in Kenya, was criticised on the social media for spending £170,000 on skin lightening. People shared their opinions online using the hashtag ‪#‎BleachedBeauty‬‬‬

In an interview with BBC Trending, Vera said has no regrets for her decision and blamed the society for encouraging skin lightening.

Vera Sidika is often dubbed Kenya’s Kim Kardashian

“People do tend to accept or prefer light skinned women more than the dark skinned women. It is the society that’s promoting the skin lightening or bleaching,” Vera said.

To some extent, Vera is right. In many African countries, men tend to prefer light skinned women. In fact in many love songs, African musicians praise their light skinned lovers.

It’s however unclear why Vera, who was already very popular before lightening her skin, actually went for it. Did she do it because she needed to catch men’s attention?

Vera said she would not encourage anyone to go for skin lightening. “I would never ask anyone to do it because I did it the right way, you know I went to the best clinic and most people who tend to do it would definitely prefer going to the backstreet market which I would never recommend,” Vera told BBC Trending.