Ten celebrities support HEART UK’s ‘Six Out of Ten’ National Cholesterol Week Campaign

Ten celebrities supporting the HEART UK’s ‘Six Out of Ten’ National Cholesterol Week Campaign

Ten celebrities have shown their support for HEART UK’s National Cholesterol Week by highlighting the fact that six out of 10 people in the UK face a serious health risk from raised cholesterol.

Each of the celebrities agreed to wear a HEART UK Question Mark t-shirt to convey the message that in most cases, adults are not even aware of what their cholesterol level is and that it does not discriminate in terms of age, race or waistline.

Paralympic gold medallist Dame Sarah Storey said: “It’s a pleasure to help out HEART UK with their ‘Six out of 10’ campaign. It is always important to be conscious of your health and to understand the effects that certain foods and lifestyle choices have on your body. It’s so important to exercise regularly and have check-ups with your doctor.”

Apprentice finalist and entrepreneur Luisa Zissman who lost her close friend to heart attack at the age of 39 said she was “proud to support HEART UK and promote the message that six out of 10 people are at risk of coronary heart disease.”  

Former MP Ann Widdecombe said: “Prevention is always better than cure, not just for the victim but for the families too. Everybody should resolve to get to know their cholesterol level.”

Among the other celebrities who took part were double Olympic gold medal-winning rower Pete Reed and Benidorm star Crissy Rock, who found out she had high cholesterol just in time.

“I’m really proud to be involved in HEART UK’s six out of 10 campaign to raise awareness of the fact that so many people are at risk of developing coronary heart disease from raised cholesterol,” Ms. Rock said. “I was fortunate enough to find out I had high cholesterol before it was too late. I was extremely shocked to hear I could potentially have a heart attack at any time so I’ve had to change my diet and lifestyle to make sure this doesn’t happen. Don’t be caught out like me and fail to look after yourself. Remember, you only have one heart and one life – make sure you live it sensibly.”

Former Liverpool goalkeeper Ray Clemence revealed that he used to have raised cholesterol. He explained: “I used to have raised cholesterol but through healthy eating and keeping active I have it under control. There are no clear signs that you have raised cholesterol so you never know when you might find yourself in a hospital bed. I am proud to get behind HEART UK’s National Cholesterol Week because it’s an important cause.”

HEART UK Ambassador Aldo Zilli described the heart disease as “the biggest killer in the UK.” He said it was amazing that six out of 10 people have raised cholesterol. “It’s easy to lower your cholesterol to safe levels by doing some exercise and eating a diet full of fresh vegetables and pulses. So during HEART UK’s National Cholesterol Week, let’s all make an effort to eat more healthily and raise funds to help those and their families who have suffered with heart disease,” Mr. Zilli said.

Simon Webbe, singer with hit pop group ‘Blue’ believes that health and fitness should be everyone’s priority. He said: “HEART UK’s campaign demonstrates how important it is that we all try and maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle. Get some exercise, eat healthily and enjoy life.”

HEART UK Chief Executive Jules Payne said: “HEART UK’s National Cholesterol Week gives us the opportunity to do even more to help the thousands of people across the UK with raised cholesterol. We’re delighted that so many celebrities agreed to support our campaign and help us raise awareness of one of Britain’s biggest silent killers, heart disease, with cholesterol affecting six in 10 adults across the UK.”

Ms. Payne said the HEART UK was “passionate about helping people with raised cholesterol, which can affect people of all ages and all shapes and sizes.”

She urged all to play an active role in helping them raise funds and awareness during National Cholesterol Week. The funds raised will the HEART UK provide support for patients and their families across the UK.
Of the estimated 120,000 people in the UK with Familial Hypercholesterolaemia (FH), only 15-20% have been formally diagnosed, despite the fact that, unlike many genetic conditions, FH can be diagnosed and treated relatively simply, preventing premature heart disease that can cause sudden death.

HEART UK is the UK’s only cholesterol charity, dedicated to providing support for people with inherited and non-inherited high cholesterol.

To support HEART UK or to arrange your own fundraising activities, please contact Charlotte Hoare at HEART UK by calling 01628 777046 or email ch@heartuk.org.uk

If you wish to find out more about FH, contact: HEART UK on the helpline – 0845 450 5988, or visit the HEART UK’s website.