Research: Limiting salt intake good for heath

New research has confirmed health benefits of limiting daily salt intake.

The review of recent laboratory, observational, and clinical studies reaffirms the link between a low salt consumption and a reduced risk of high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease, including stroke. The research was published in the journal “Circulation”.

BHF’s Senior Dietitian, Victoria Taylor, said: “This is a good reminder that holding back on the salt can help to keep our hearts healthy.

“Fortunately, here in the UK we are starting to see changes to our salt intake and this is linked to the efforts of manufacturers and retailers to reduce salt levels in food.”

Ms. Taylor however warned that it was too early to rest on our laurels. “While intakes have come down, they still exceed the six gram recommended daily maximum. With 75 per cent of the salt we eat already in the foods we buy it’s important to continue to work with manufacturers to reduce salt intakes further,” Ms. Taylor said. “UK governments are now backing single, front of pack food labels. These labels, with traffic light colours, will allow shoppers to tell at a glance if a product is high in salt.”