“Woman Vs Womaniser” launched

Johnson: “This is the book men do not want women to read”

Jay Johnson’s new book exposes player’s tricks and gives women an insight into why men behave the way they do.

Johnson, 36, shares his secrets in his autobiography “Woman Vs Womaniser”.

The AfroNews took the opportunity to sit down with Johnson for an exclusive interview to find out about what life experiences and influences drove him to write the book.

Aware of his ability to charm women, when he was thrown out of his home at the age of 14, Johnson used his gift with women to get him almost anything his heart desired.

He succeeded as a manipulator of women for a while, always getting what he wanted from them, but this eventually took its toll and he later realised that there was a price to pay for it.

Johnson said he began to write his autobiography 15 years ago drawing upon his life experiences and the manipulation he used on women.

He revealed that he wrote the first chapter of the book in prison. He was angry at what he had done and had to face it. “It was then that my macho attitude changed.”
Meeting with Johnson revealed a refreshingly honest realist, positive and highly perceptive individual, who still maintains his skills to draw you in.

The book may also hook you in as Johnson’s writing style is both fluid and absorbing. It gives an honest, brutal account that can both amuse and shock you as Johnson, born in Paddington, London shares his life’s experiences on the hostile London, New York and Miami streets.

“My book is deep and spiritual; it is so raw and doesn’t hold back,” Johnson said.

Throughout the book, Johnson offers advice to women who are in troubled relationships and gives his wisdom on what to be wary of in men.

“This is the book men do not want women to read,” Johnson said.

In the introduction to the “Woman Vs Womaniser”, Johnson says: “Some women make the same mistake over and over again; they fall for the same type of guy because they don’t understand the psychology at play. Without knowing the mechanics, it leaves them with vulnerabilities, what I call ‘blind spots’. It is by manipulating these blind spots to his advantage that the womaniser succeeds in turning every woman’s world on its head!

“The main aim of this book is to show you these very same blind spots and in that same process reveal to you 101 manipulative ways of a womaniser. To help you protect yourself and, at the same time, distinguish the womaniser from the genuine honest love partner that, at the end of the day, we all want to be with.”
Presently, Johnson uses his time to work as a Behaviour Consultant for the British legal system.

Johnson is dedicated to the personal development and well-being of young people. His work as a Life Coach and Behavioural Consultant is focused on helping youth fulfil their full potential, overcoming obstacles and breaking cycles through practical guidance.

“Woman Vs Womaniser” by J. C. Johnson is available at most major bookstores including Waterstones and at www.amazon.co.uk. Further details are available at www.womanvswomaniser.com.

By Amanda Hall-Davis