Men now lack courage to approach women

Art of Seduction: They fear the unknown, rejection and have inadequate conversational skills

At least 81.2% of men have a specific woman in their life that they want to sleep with but have not taken action, a recent  survey by popular seduction website Art of Seduction has revealed.

Having built their name on providing free dating material, the Art of Seduction reports that answers from over 28,000 men indicate that men are becoming increasingly resistant to approaching women in 2011.

The top reasons quoted by the website are “fear of the unknown,” “fear of rejection” and “inadequate conversational skills.” Meanwhile, these figures correlate well with the increase of online dating which has an annual growth of 15%. It seems that more men prefer the safety of online dating instead of more traditional methods.

“We are seeing a trend of men switching from traditional dating to online dating due to its convenience and high success rate,” says Chris Calo, dating expert.

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