Ladies, being sexy is not enough. Find out why

When a lady chooses being sexy over being a true woman of quality, she is short changing herself in the long run, argues a new book on relationships.

The ebook “Sexy Is Not Enough: The NO BS relationship talk for black on black relationships” by Mack Major, has an important message for ladies: “Rather than being sexy, choose being a woman of quality instead.”

Mr Major tells women that sure: “men will gawk at you, holler at you and lust after you. But unless temporary attention is your main goal, you haven’t really accomplished anything by attracting eyes.”

The author proceeds to discuss sexiness. “Sexy is more than wearing nice heels, or skin tight outfits. It’s deeper than being more tatted than the next chick, or having longer yak hanging off your head,” he says.

He goes on to say that: “To be honest: lower-class broke dudes find that type of superficial look to be sexy. Men of quality…you know, the marrying type…we tend to look much deeper.”

To a quality man, Mr Major argues, a woman’s “behavior, both past and present, is just as sexy. And it’s equally if not more important.”

He goes on to say that “Your behavior determines if you’ll be worth more to a man than just mattress gymnastics or not. That’s the missing piece most folks choose to ignore.

“When you behave like a reality TV reject, with all that drama and ratchetness: even with your big ole hydro-gelled booty and flowing Asian tresses, you’ll still get the wet back/target practice treatment. You won’t be getting the wedding ring treatment. And your behavior, not just your looks is mostly to blame.”

He then asks ladies: “What will it be? Butt implants and longer yak? Or conducting yourself like a woman who’s worthy of companionship and marriage?”

“Sexy Is Not Enough” addresses all these issues. The book “gives you the real info you won’t find in the popular relationship books out today,” Mr Major says. “It’s the book you need when all the others have failed to deliver results.”

Mr Major is an author, businessman and Social Commentator. His particular niche is street urban spirituality. It’s a mix of Christianity, self-help, and knowledge gained from running the streets.

A copy of “Sexy Is Not Enough” can be obtained from Mr Major’s website:

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