Do you know what makes a woman smart?

Most British females (62%) believe that for a woman to be smart and successful, she needs to be true to herself, a new research from Clinique has revealed.

Model Roxanne Micheals

More than one in five (22%) 25-34 year-olds said a smart woman needs to be ambitious. Half of the respondents said that in order to achieve success a woman should be confident, with 40% saying she must be strong.

At least 54% of the women surveyed said they believe independence is a trait that best represents the modern woman, followed closely by 51% who said juggling family and work. In contrast to this, just over a quarter (27%) said the modern woman is best represented by her career.

By looking at women in the media, 30% of the respondents felt that both Kate Middleton and Helen Mirren best represented women. However, only 1.5% felt that women are accurately portrayed in the media.

What they really felt defined the modern woman was independence (54%) and being able to juggle a family and work (51%).

According to 47% of the respondents, intelligence, determination and commitment (41%) are the real keys to success.

Considering the outcome of this survey, is it right to think that a successful career is all that makes a woman ‘smart’?

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