Divorce experts: Facebook’s new Graph Search Engine recipe for divorce

Facebook’s own search engine known as graph search is going to be a recipe for divorce, divorce experts have warned.

With a third of divorce petitions already containing the word Facebook, the authors of a controversial survey in 2009, Divorce-Online, are predicting a huge rise in Facebook instigated divorces around the world as Facebook makes it easier for bored married people to look for illicit fun.

Divorce experts also believe it could spell disaster for paid for online dating sites such as Match.com and e-Harmony and of course the more illicit sites that specialise in married affairs.

For 1 US dollar, users can now send a message to a non-friend that is, to another user not on their friend list.

Unveiling the service for US users this week, Facebook said the new fee was intended less as a way of generating revenue and more as a means of protecting user privacy.

However the company appears to be cherry-picking premium features that have been successful on dating sites.

Mark Keenan, a spokesman for Divorce-Online, said: “We have continued to monitor the divorce petitions we produce and the prevalence of the word Facebook in them has if anything slightly increased.

“It has become the all-pervasive tool for communicating in affairs, replacing e-mail, texting and phoning and the new Graph Search feature is only going to make it much easier for people to use Facebook as a tool to have affairs in my opinion”.