Children of marijuana users three times more likely to use it – research

If you are a parent who uses marijuana, your children are three times more likely to use it themselves, a new research has revealed.

cannabis marijuanaThe nationwide survey conducted in the US was commissioned by the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation’s Center for Public Advocacy.

“We commissioned this survey to get a better understanding of marijuana using habits and attitudes among young adults,” said Mark Sheets, interim Executive Director of Hazelden at Plymouth, part of the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation. “This information allows us to better educate people about the health- and addiction-related dangers associated with marijuana.”

Among children who reported their parents have used or currently use marijuana, 72% indicated they have used marijuana.

Conversely, 19.7% of children whose parents have never used marijuana reported having used marijuana themselves. Among the youth who use marijuana, 15.1% said they started using it before the age of 14, while 34.9% started using it between ages 14 and 16, and 36.3% started using between ages 17 and 19.

According to the survey, parents still have a big influence over their children when it comes to using marijuana.

It also emerged that more than 60% of marijuana users don’t think it’s addictive or damaging to the brain.

“What we learned from the survey is deeply concerning, because according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, marijuana is addictive and delays brain development in adolescents. The damage can be permanent,” said Nick Motu, vice president of the Center for Public Advocacy of the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation.

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