Brits obsessed with body image

Survey: 46 feel under pressure to look good on the beach; 38% spend GBP 150 on beauty before a holiday

The UK’s obsession with body image is alive and kicking. Research from Mira Showers reveals that almost half of Brits (46%) feel under pressure to look good on the beach, and a further 24% of people spend a considerable amount of time fretting about how they will look before jetting off.

Over a third (38%) of Brits spend GBP 150 on beauty treatments before going on holiday, an additional 15% of people would need to spend more than GBP 150 to feel 100% confident on the beach. The findings show it’s not just money that’s being invested in looking good. Nearly a third (29%) of people are spending longer than ever on beauty treatments. For 31% this means up to a whole day just to feel ready to brave the beach.

Although nearly half of those in the UK are spending a fortune on holiday beauty treatments, the majority (82%) are embarrassed about it. Shockingly over a third (31%) say they would go to the extreme length of actually denying having anything done.

Beauty expert Tricia Welch said: “It’s really interesting to see nearly half of people (45%) say they would go to a professional to get all their beauty treatments done and a further 18% don’t feel confident enough to do it themselves. It’s really simple to do all the beauty preparation needed before going on holiday in the comfort of your own home. You can also minimise the amount of beauty booty you need to pack by prepping your body before you go, using your shower as the base for your home spa.”

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