Actress Karita Fleming: You need more than a good booty to succeed

Actress Karita Fleming

Actress Karita Fleming warns women against banking on their beauty

A woman’s booty is an asset but it’s not wise for her to make it her only asset, says actress Karita Fleming.

Actress Karita Fleming“Unfortunately a booty is an asset, but it just shouldn’t be your only asset,” the California based actress and model tells women. “A good body should be an addition to all the other things you offer. Like a good mind, a good heart, or skills.”

Ms Fleming has acted in several movies including “Love(less)” and “The Scarfed Assassin”.

She is currently starring in a fantasy web series “Wizard Hunters”.

Ms Fleming reveals that her body opened the doors to her dream of being an actress and a model, “but it was and still is up to more than my looks for me to succeed.”

In an interview with The AfroNews in 2011, Ms Fleming said: “While beauty is important, one should not only bank on it.”

By Stephen Ogongo Ongong’a

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