Urgent spouse visa application

Question: I applied for a settlement visa three weeks ago in Nigeria. I married my wife a year ago in the UK on an (overstayed) visit visa. When I got back to Nigeria to do my spouse visa application, we found out she was pregnant with our first child. It would be devastating to be refused or delayed to go and support my wife through the pregnancy and birth period! I stated on the application that I would like to travel to the UK by the end of the month, does this assist in getting a response quicker?

Answer: Generally applications for settlement may be concluded within up to 1- 4 months. In our experience, the British High Commission in Lagos takes on average between 1-2 months. Applications may sometimes be delayed where immigration officers feel it necessary to make further enquires. It is always helpful to indicate a reasonable date for your return to the UK, although this does not mean that your application will automatically be processed by the date you have requested.

If there has been a change of circumstances such as your wife’s pregnancy, you may wish to update the Entry Clearance Officers with a letter and documentary of your wife’s pregnancy and ask that this information is considered with the rest of your application.

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