No response from Home Office about my case. What can I do?

I have called the Home Office, written to them letters but still haven’t heard anything back

Question:  I submitted a case to the Home Office a few months ago but haven’t heard anything back from them and am very concerned. I have called the Home Office and written to them letters requesting information on my case but still haven’t heard anything back, what can I do?

Answer: It may be an idea for you to approach your local MP who can perhaps assist you in writing to the Home Office on your behalf in order to request an update on the progress of your matter. Often, local MPs can prove helpful for constituents in their locality in chasing up long outstanding matters pending at the Home Office. Furthermore, the Home Office generally provide a reasonably prompt reply to MPs and this could be a good avenue to follow. If you have already written a few letters to the Home Office requesting an update to the status of your immigration matter but have not heard back from them, you could also look into lodging a formal complaint which would in effect request the complaints department of the Home Office to investigate the nature of your complaint and aim to resolve or reply to your complaint as soon as possible. It should also be noted that the Home Office generally are not the most efficient of organisations and it is not unusual to wait several months before hearing from them in respect to any application lodged.

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