Can my wife and children come with me to UK on business visa?

Question: Hi, I’d like to apply for a business visa to the UK valid for several years. Is it possible to include my wife and three children so that whenever I travel to the UK they can also come along? Thanks.

Answer: Certainly you as an Applicant under the HSMP Tier 1 category can have your wife and child (under the age of 18) join you in the UK as your dependants. They would need to apply as your dependants as they will not be entering under the points based system. Rather they will be entering as the dependants of a points based system Migrant.

In making such an application they must be able to demonstrate that they intend to live with you permanently and that as a family they will be maintained and accommodated without having to claim any benefits from the state. Most importantly your dependants must not intend to stay beyond the period of leave granted to you and there should be no question as to whether your child is wholly financially dependent on you and your wife only. 

For further advice and assistance on this matter, it is recommended that you consider approaching a firm of immigration solicitors before submitting any application to ensure you clearly satisfy all legal the legal requirements for entry clearance.


By Greenfields Solicitors