Can I apply for dependent visa for deported partner?

Question: Hi! I was removed by UK Border Agency. My partner is still in the UK and we plan to marry next month. We’ve been advised by our solicitor that we need to present so many pictures together, phone bills calling each other, my partner sending me money from the UK, gifts and such like stuff when I apply for the visa. My question is, can the Embassy issue a dependent visa to someone who was removed from the UK, especially if the person never had any criminal record except to overstay?

Answer: If you were formally served with a removal notice you may face a ban of up to 5 years before you can apply to re-enter the UK. However, if you left the UK voluntarily at your own expense and UK Border Agency did not serve you with a removal date then you should be in a position to submit your application to join your spouse in the UK without any ban.

To be more certain as to what the position of your case is it is suggested that you confirm with your solicitor who should be able to access your home file by making a subject to access request to clarify whether you have been served with a removal notice or not. Thanks.

By Greenfields Solicitors,