Application for discretionary leave

Question: Hi! My wife has a British passport. She was naturalised a few years ago. My kids and I were given 3 years discretionary leave. (HPDL FORMS)
We have applied for an extension for another 3 years so we can eventually get indefinite leave to remain. It has been a month since we applied for an extension but haven’t heard anything. Is that good or bad? Will there be any problems in getting an extension?

Answer: Unfortunately, the Home Office are not the most efficient organisation and generally, it can take several weeks if not months to receive a decision in a case such as yours.

The delay is frequently simply due to backlog of work at the Home Office and you should not view the delay in processing your application as an indication that your case is being either positively or negatively viewed, unless you receive correspondence from the Home Office indicating how they are treating your case.

It may be an idea for you to contact the Home Office if you do not hear back from them, by way of writing them a polite reminder letter every three months or so, requesting that they make a speedy decision in your matter, or at the very least send you an acknowledgement to confirm that your case is being dealt with, which should give you some assurance. Hope this helps.

By Greenfields Solicitors