Welcome to International African Festival in Tubingen, Germany

International African Festival in Tubingen, Germany is set to take place from 15th to 17th July 2011 at the festival ground in Tubingen.

The festival organised by the African Project, is an initiative of Mr. Tatah Sunjo and Mrs. Susan Enie Tatah, with the backing of the Cameroon Cultural Association in Reutlingen-Germany.

The festival has been on since 2007.

Apart from featuring musicians from different parts of Africa, the festival hosts a huge market where one can buy African arts, cloths, cosmetics, and eat fresh African food. It also features a fashion show and book reading sessions.

Some of the musicians who will perform at this year’s festival include the famous Ngoma Africa, the German based Tanzanian band, Dobet Gnahoré from Ivory Coast, and Susu Bilibi, the oldest African band in Germany.

Ibrahima Ndiaye, a great comedian, artist, and songwriter will be in-charge of the Family program for children and parents at the festival. Normally during the festival in Tubingen, children and parents get together and ride camels just like in the desert. They also play with domestic animals, draw, paint, dance and do many other interesting activities.

The festival is also a forum for informing the German communities of the difficulties some Africans face back home by offering a platform to Associations and NGOs to present and raise funds for their projects. One of the main projects backed by the festival is the Stop Malaria Campaign (www.stopmalaria.com)

The International African Festival in Tubingen was founded to help promote African cultures and values in Germany.

At the same time, the festival encourages Africans living in Germany to fully integrate in the local community, and this is done by promoting interaction with Germans during the festival, and encouraging the learning of German language.

One of the long term projects of the International African Festival in Tubingen is to raise funds to establish an African Centre in the town. This will be a Centre where children of African origin, who are born and raised up in Germany, can learn African cultures and where necessary, have teachers at their disposal to help them overcome difficulties at school and make it to the University. Mrs. Tatah said they’ve observed that many African children in Germany hardly make it to the University. They either abandon their studies or go for technical training.

“Africa is more than just drumming and dancing,“ said Mrs. Tatah. “We don’t encourage European developmental Aid programs but advocate for fair trade policies, Micro financing policies and encourage Europeans to consume African products.”

You are all invited to enjoy African music, food, fashion show, and learn about Africa at the International African Festival in Tubingen.

Mr. Susan Enie Tatah,
Project Manager,
Tel: +49 7121-6964809  or +49 174-2125019
Email: Kontakt@afrikafestival.net

By Stephen Ogongo Ongong’a