“The Devil in Freetown”, movie on Sierra Leone’s bloody civil war premiered in London

Paul Long, the founder of BEFFTA Awards shedding tears at the movie premiere in London

“The Devil in Freetown”, a movie telling the story of the civil war that took place in Freetown, Sierra Leone 12 years ago was premiered at Odeon Cinema, London on 25th July 2014.

The movie depicts a true recounting of Sierra Leone’s ten year civil war. It showcases the resilience of Sierra Leone and her people in rising up from the ashes of the war despite the human, structural and societal destruction it experience.

The movie’s beautiful story line is brought to life by the first-hand information volunteered by those who were affected by the war demonstrating the trauma that they went through.

During this bloody civil war fuelled by Blood Diamonds, men, women and children’s hands, arms, limbs and feet were hacked off by the swing of a machete. The perpetrators were disillusioned rebels under the command of Liberian War lord Charles Taylor. The war inflicted a heavy toll on human capital with approximately 20,000 deaths, 20 million displaced and some 27,000 registered amputees according to UN analysis.  

Paul Long, the founder of BEFFTA Awards could not hold her tears at the movie premiere in London.

“This movie is a must watch for anyone who hasn’t watched it and for anyone passionate about promoting peace. I had the rare privilege of interviewing the talented cast and crew on Pauline Long Show,” Ms Long said.

“The Devil in Freetown” was written and directed by Pastor Aiah Momoh, and Co-produced by Archie Pearce Production Ltd.

Benjamin Konte is the lead actor while Isha Bangura and Jane Cole are the lead actresses.

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