Suzanna Lubrano releases thrilling Zouk Pop single “Tardi Di Mas”

Suzanna Lubrano, the Cape Verdean Zouk artist has released a new powerful, thrilling single and clip titled “Tardi Di Mas”.

Suzanna Lubrano is working on a new LP to be released later this year

The songstress with a honey-like voice says that the new song is totally different from all the songs she did in the past. “It has more professionalism,” she says.

“Tardi di Mas” has been produced by Giorgio Tuinfort, Akon’s Production partner.

Suzanna says that Giorgio’s experience of working with international artists including the late Whitney Houston, Lady Gaga, the late Michael Jackson, helped make “Tardi di Mas” an excellent hit.

“Tardi di Mas” which in English means “Much Too Late”, is a song about a relationship that has come to an end. It talks about a girl who was in love, did everything possible to save their relationship but the guy didn’t love her.

The guy only realised he loved the girl after she fell out of love. But at that stage it was already too late. “You never loved me before, now you do, but it’s too late,” she tells the guy.

“Tardi di Mas” is inspired by a true story. Suzanna says that many people go through similar experiences. “As is commonly said, you don’t know what you have until it’s gone,” Suzanna says.

“Tardi di Mas” is the first song of a new LP Suzanna is working on. The LP which is in post production phase, is expected to be released later this year.

Suzanna reveals that this will be “her most personal LP” for it’s the first time she has written and produced most of the songs.

Suzanna, who previously concentrated on performing, is now getting more involved in music production.

She says that the most challenging part of being in the music industry is to evolve and keep up to date with new trends.

A beautiful mother of three, Suzanna says it’s quite difficult to be a mother and musician. “Missing children and travelling make it difficult,” she says, adding that whenever she travels, she calls her children as often as possible.

Suzanna says that she does everything out of love, and advises upcoming musicians to love what they do. “Stay original, stay yourself. Don’t try doing what someone else is already doing,” Suzanna says. “Use your talent, that’s the best way to get where you have to be. If you imitate others, you’ll just be another one, but if you do something original, you’ll be unique.”

Suzanna, who is known for her moving Zouk hits, also plays different styles of music including Coladeira, R&B, Batuqu and Bachata. Her music is often described as Latin Pop.

She says: “I’d love to spread positive messages. It’s very important to spread positive messages, I don’t want to write empty lyrics, I would like to have wisdom to write inspiring, encouraging, loving songs. Songs that can make people feel loved, see things in different ways.”

Suzanna observes that many children listen to music, but unfortunately, many of the songs they are exposed to are not appropriate for them.

Suzanna is one of Africa’s most talented female artists. She has won several awards including the 2003 Kora All African Music Award for Best African Female Artist.

The Netherlands-based musician won the 2010 Museke Online African Music Award for Best African Artist based in the Diaspora.

“Tardi Di Mas” is available as a download on all major music platforms.


By Stephen Ogongo Ongong’a