New LP “Mount Zion I Riddim”, a fusion of reggae with RnB

JahLight Records (Trinidad) and Flow Productions (Switzerland) have jointly produced a smash reggae CD titled “Mount Zion I Riddim”.

It is a beautiful, melodic, assertive and a powerful release, featuring reggae music with a touch of RnB.

The following artists are featured on the CD: Zebulun, with the title track for the album ‘Mount Zion I’, Multi Symptom, with the piercing ‘Cherish Your Life’, veteran engineer and artist, Dainjamental from USA, with the scorcher ‘Praise Jah’, alongside gospel artist, Koen Duncan, with the energetic ‘Kingdom Call’. Koen has released high profile albums and has represented Trinidad worldwide, winning several awards and performing internationally.

Also making a fine contribution to the project are upcoming artists: Soul, with the encouraging ‘Focus,’ Marq fx, with the poetic love song ‘I’m There’, and Roxy Singh, with her very beautifully voiced ‘What’s Going On’.

The choice of artists for the project was carefully done to create just the right atmosphere that will leave a long lasting impression on the listener.

The message in the music is real and ranges from words of God, love, hope, romance, determination and positivity. It takes the listener through a musical journey that is so exciting that it builds up a heightened anticipation. Overall, the “Mount Zion I Riddim” is definitely a must have for all fans of good reggae music as it remains true to the craft in every form.

Explaining why they chose “Mount Zion I Riddim” as the album’s title, Akeunde Pemberton, JahLight Records Manager says: “It is to bring about the reality of the presence of the Kingdom of God and the need for humanity to turn from their evil ways and choose God before it is too late. Mount Zion is the city of David, the city of God; a place of peace, love, harmony.

“It’s a spiritual place of eternal joy, no sorrow, nor pain, where we can enjoy the company of God himself, forever. What an opportunity! We can all be there as God wishes for none to perish. However, we first must make the right choice by choosing Him. For in that choice rests where we would spend all eternity.”