Multifaceted Elaka back with new hit “Osanidoba”

The Afrocentric and multifaceted Zambian born, British bred singer/songwriter Elaka has released a new single titled “Osanidoba”.

Elaka’s previous single “My Africa” Ft Samson Marley was very successful and her fans have been eagerly waiting for her new release.

Elaka uses her new song to send a message to those who criticise emerging talents without really understanding what they are after

The creative stage performer has certainly captured the hearts of many with her unique compositions. In this new single, Elaka collaborates with the legendary producer Dr Gary Hutchins, experimenting with some hard hitting drums and up tempo rhythm that will get you shaking on the dance floor.

The song “Osanidoba” is done in Elaka’s native languages Nyanja, and Bemba as well as in English, giving it that extra flavour that automatically separates it from the rest.

The combination of sarcasm and slight humour amidst a catchy chorus gets the listeners hooked on to the new hit regardless of the language barrier.

“Osanidoba” which means “don’t take me for granted” is a song many pursuing a career in entertainment can relate to, and those who love a great up tempo to bop to will enjoy.

Explaining why she composed “Osanidoba”, Elaka said the song is basically about people’s ability to underestimate her dreams, skills, and ambitions. “When I try something new they say ‘oh you can’t do that’, and when they see I can, they want me to help them but will hardly acknowledge my contributions. Something a lot of people face in the industry,” Elaka said.

In the song she is also sending a message to negative critics who are quick to criticise any move an emerging talent makes, without really understanding what the person is after.

Elaka, who hopes to visit Italy soon for gigs, said her ability to start her own projects has not always been appreciated by some members of the Zambian community. Some “thought I was being full of myself when in actual fact I was simply following my heart,” she said, adding that many go through a similar experience when experimenting different aspects of their talents.

Elaka is currently shooting a fantastic video for “Osanidoba”. She plans to release her debut album in summer.

“Osanidoba” is available to purchase from iTunes, Amazon MP3, rdio, and many other digital music outlets.

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By Stephen Ogongo Ongong’a