Karita Fleming, 1st woman of colour to lead star in Science Fiction Film

She says: “I will always hunger to excell beyond my boundaries”. Her new “Love(less)” movie coming soon

Creole and Latina model and actress Karita Fleming has made history by becoming the first woman of colour to hold the lead starring role in a feature-length Science Fiction film.

Karita plays the leading role in “Love(less)” movie which will be released in early 2010. The film is directed by Tyler Timberlin.

“Love(less)” follows the star crossed story of Auburn Denson (Karita Fleming) and Elliot Adams (Ryan Lynch). Played out against the backdrop of Earth’s creation and destruction in an increasingly unstable reality, neither of them are aware they are pawns in a secret project to reinvent humanity.

The film has what the producers call a “slim cast” and a “slimmer budget”. The cast consists of Karita, Ryan, Thomas Badertscher and Piranha 3-D Actress Scarlet O’Neil.

In the 90 compelling minutes highlighted with captivating special effects, “Love(less)” casts light on how dreams can be disasters, how challenges can be turned into opportunities, nightmares into dreamscapes, all while uncovering the true nature of reality. This film proves that even the smallest of films can make history.

In an exclusive interview with The AfroNews, Karita says she never thought she was playing a role that had never been played by a person of colour before. “When filming this movie it never really dawned on me that as a woman of colour (Latina and Creole – French, African, and Indian), I was doing something never done before. I never really think of my world in terms of colour, I think of my world in terms of my work and what I have to show for it, and it’s been my only real ground I have ever stood on.”

The fact that Karita never realised what was going on made her be herself, and do the best she could to play her role. Had she realised what was going on, it would have probably affected in a negative way her performance. “It would have hung over my head like the Sword of Damocles. I would have worried about how good of an actress I was or how I could feel my lack of talent as if I was wearing cheap clothes on the inside, or how I can’t let people down, or any host of things that aren’t helpful to being a good actress.

“So in this case ignorance was bliss. I was more focused on my need to grow, change, and improve as an actress more than just an actress of colour. I have never strived to be equal, and I will always hunger to excell beyond my boundaries,” she says.

All Karita has been striving to achieve is to be the best in everything she does professionally.

She has never approached life in terms of skin colour, race or sex. “But sadly to say I work in an industry that does,” she says, adding that: “As a woman and not just a woman of colour in the entertainment industry, if I say I’m an actress automatically it’s porn. I say I want to develop my talent, they look at my ass. I say I want to learn my craft and they laugh. It’s been one way for so long that even the people in the entertainment industry forgot it was all make believe, a child’s fantasy. Now it’s all about an industry that believes white is the only colour that makes money instead of knowing that if it’s really a fantasy then it can be whatever colour you wish it to be. That’s what fantasy is all about, isn’t it?”

Karita holds that we can make history without being aware of it. “I never had any illusions of being the first actress of colour to do anything any other actress of colour hadn’t done before when stepping into this. History is what happens when you are not looking, it’s like acting itself. Becoming the first woman of colour to star in a sci-fi film wasn’t something I could have planned, it just occurred. I can’t take the credit for luck. If you want a logical process on how to make history, it won’t happen. I however get to smile and accept the honour on luck’s behalf,” she says.

The beautiful and charming Karita is an actress who skilfully impersonates a character’s identity in a way that it becomes very difficult to separate the character from her. And it is clearly evident that she loves and enjoys bringing a character to life.

Karita has previously starred in several movies including “The Scarfed Assassin” which is a movie about an underground organization of women assassins, who pursue those rapists who manage to avoid legal consequences for their actions.

“Love(less)” Movie
Running Time: Approx. 90 minutes
Category: Sci-Fi Drama
Release Date: Early 2010     
Production Company: Oldtime Productions Director: Tyler Timberlin
Starring: Karita Fleming, Ryan Lynch, Thomas Badertscher, Scarlett O’Neil
Tagline: This is (not) your life.
Synopsis: “Love(less)” follows the star-crossed story of Auburn Denson (Karita Fleming) and Elliot Adams (Ryan Lynch). Played out against the backdrop of Earth’s creation and destruction in an increasingly unstable reality, neither of them aware they are pawns in a secret project to reinvent humanity.
All pictures by Justin Lines

By Stephen Ogongo Ongong’a