Johnny Junior, Rumba star releases superb LP

Kenya’s Rumba star Johnny Junior

“Adang’ Joshua”

He promised to come up with a fantastic LP and that’s exactly what Johnny Junior has just done. His new LP titled “Adang’ Joshua” is another authentic Rumba hit, earning him a ticket to join the ranks of Congolese Rumba maestros such as the late Franco Luambo Luanzo Makiadi, Le Grand Kalle and Kenya’s Ochieng’ Kabaselleh Wuod Ogolla.

The five-track enchanting album contains both danceable and reflective songs. Johnny dedicates almost the entire album to praise societal heroes.

In a marked shift from Rumba musicians’ tradition of mainly composing praise songs for men, Johnny has composed an excellent praise song for a woman he greatly admires her generosity, kindness and intelligence.

The song “Daktari Pamella” which is my favourite in the new LP, is about Dr. Pamella, a successful doctor cum businesswoman who has helped so many needy people in Kenya. Johnny celebrates her life and achievements as a way of encouraging her to keep up the good work while at the same time challenging others, especially women to aspire to become like Dr. Pamella.

“It is very important to remember and honour some of the friends who have helped you in one way or the other,” Johnny says. “There are people who have done both big and small things to us which have ended up having a strong impact on our lives. That’s why I thought it was right to honour them through my songs so that they too may feel appreciated.”

Johnny gives the example of Dr. Pamella whom he describes as “a great woman who has helped so many people including me. Such a person deserves being praised and appreciated.”

And this is what Johnny does in his new LP in which he sings his heart out as he praises these outstanding people.
There is a carefully orchestrated interplay between all instruments and the vocals, making the music flow as it pulls the listener to the dance floor to dance majestically.

Within days of release “Adang’ Joshua” LP is already topping the charts in Kenya, drawing positive remarks from Rumba fans from all parts of the world.

Johnny Junior and his B-V Band have been crisscrossing Kenya staging concerts to launch the new LP. Johnny thought it wise to travel to different towns so as to reach out to his fans and share with them the music they love and enable them obtain original high quality music from their music idol. He has in fact offered to personally give autographed copies of the LP to all the fans who attend his concerts.

“I am trying to reach my fans and show them that they were in my mind when I was preparing the album,” Johnny says. “Their reactions have been phenomenal. They truly appreciate the music and I’m very grateful to them. Their love for my music motivates me to do my best.”

Johnny says that he owes his fans a lot. “You have brought me and my band this far. You guys and ladies are the best. You are the backbone of what we do, and your support has been wonderful.”

He humbly appeals to all fans to buy original CDs. “It’s one of the best ways of helping support our music, culture and our people.” Johnny says that by buying original CDs, fans help musicians grow professionally and become self-reliant. It also helps musicians take care of themselves and their families as well as help those in need of help.

Just like his fans, Johnny is satisfied and happy with the work he has done to come up with this superb release. He considers this fourth LP another achievement in his music career and a way of thanking his fans for their continued love and support.

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By Stephen Ogongo Ongong’a


Johnny Junior, new Rumba star is born