Interview with Andrew Osayemi, Executive Producer of “Meet the Adebanjo’s”

We’ll produce more sitcoms Black people can relate to

You’ve decided to beat the system by using the social network to directly reach the audience. Why do you think the mainstream broadcasters in the UK have turned a blind eye to such a significant production?

I think this is because a lot of the mainstream broadcasters are scared to make a show like this for fear it flops and they get panned. The last Black British sitcom in the UK was the “Crouches” and because it did so bad and was critically panned, broadcasters have since stayed away from the genre.

Do you foresee this trend changing soon?

I seriously hope so and I hope that because of shows like ours it would lead broadcasters to be more risk taking and commission shows that deal with Black Britain mainstream. Sitcoms about what happens in a typical family living in the UK that Black people can relate to. But even if they do not do it MTA Productions Ltd (my production company) is committed to producing more.

Mr. Andrew Osayemi and Ms. Debra Odutuyo, Executive Producers of “Meet the Adebanjo’s”

Do you have any plans of distributing the sitcom abroad?

Of course. We attended a TV content market in Ghana called Discop in February. This is an event where all the top TV stations in Africa attend each year to buy content. We had a stand and a big presence out there. All the TV executives who we showed it to from Nigeria to Uganda to South Africa and many more were so impressed and wanted it straight away. So we are currently negotiating a few deals which will see it airing in Nigeria and South Africa and are hoping for it to air in the autumn.

Why did you choose to focus on the multi-generational and multi-cultural family dynamics?

Because we felt this would create the most amount of comedy and because it is something which has not been explored in depth about a British-African family. Things like love between husband and wife, Dad trying to discipline his western children, an Aunty trying to fit in with the household, etc. We want the sitcom to appeal to all ages in the family and be something that everyone can relate to.


By Stephen Ogongo Ongong’a

“Meet The Adebanjo’s” online Sitcom launched