Homeboiz release new video “Mama Afrika”

Homeboiz is back with full force and determination to continue thrilling its fans.

After a long silence, the Homeboiz recently released a new video “Mama Afrika” which has become extremely popular on YouTube.

The song celebrates the beauty of Africa and shows a brighter side of the continent which is rarely put to light.

“Mama Afrika” is a single from their forthcoming album which will also include another hot track titled “Can I”. Vitu-k features in this track as a vocalist accompanying the track’s uptempo beat and melody.

Homeboiz is a Hip Hop/Rap/Afro Beat duo composed of Eugine Otieno and Kennedy Chigwe (FK).

The name derives from the American slang word homeboy, meaning close friend.

Eugine and FK have been performing together since 2002. They both have passion for music, poetry and are endowed with brilliant song writing skills.

Based in Italy, they are well known for being among the first artists of foreign origin to make a breakthrough in the hip hop scene in the country.

Eugine and FK are famous for their participation in local mixtapes, freestyle battles and their 2004 album with their former group, Tribal Fam.

After a break during which they decided to jump start their career as a duo, they didn’t hesitate to get back to the studio and record their debut album.

That was in response to pressure from their local and international fans. Released in early 2008, the album titled “No Pain, No Gain”, featured some famous producers and musicians.

The LP contains a variety of sounds and genres from rap to club songs, reggae and dancehall tunes and a reggaeton track. The messages in their songs have contributed a great deal to their popularity. For instance, their track “The Problem” reflects on racial hatred and political tension.

One can purchase Homeboiz’s songs from Itunes, Amazon and Soundcloud.

For further information about the Homeboiz, please check their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Homeboiz/138447299534450

By Stephen Ogongo Ongong’a