Back to Zouk! Suzanna Lubrano does her thing again

The Cape Verdean songstress Suzanna Lubrano is back with a great Zouk LP.  This is Suzanna’s best ever LP. She has done it perfectly well, with all her heart, all her soul, all her captivating, soothing, extremely sweet voice.

Suzanna Lubrano’s

Suzanna’s new LP “Festa Mascarado” (Masquerade Ball) is being released this month. The single hit “Festa Mascarado” which is the title track of the LP was released in March and within days it entered the top charts in the Netherlands. Without doubt this LP will soon enter top charts throughout Europe, Africa, USA and other parts of the world.

Suzanna plays beautiful music, as beautiful as she is. Her music soothes the heart, injects energy into the listener making it impossible for the listener not to take to the dance floor.

Her music captures the attention of even those who claim to be indifferent to music. No heart can resist being penetrated by Suzanna’s music.

Suzanna is one of the most popular female pop singers in Portuguese Africa and among the Afro-Portuguese communities around the globe.

Most songs in the “Festa Mascarado” which can best be described as a Latin Pop album, are in Cape Verdean Creole, a language closely related to Portuguese. Other songs are in Spanish, English and partly in French.

It contains 10 tracks. Most of the tracks are Zouk/R&B, others are Bachata/R&B and some other Latin music styles.

Suzanna is responsible for most of the vocal melodies on the album, as well as all Cape Verdean lyrics. She wrote the music featured in this LP together with a diverse range of producers and musicians, including the Heavy Weights (Melvin Sparkman and Marcus Allen), Hector Payan (a Dominican producer and guitarist from Miami), Ronald Rubinel (one of the most respected Zouk producers from France), Adalberto Lopes (one of the most respected Cape Verdean Zouk producers), Nellson Klasszik (a well respected Zouk producer from Switzerland) and Marcos Fernandes (Spanish multi-instrumentalist and producer).

The album contains two very distinctive cover songs, a mixed Flamenco/Batuku version of one of the most popular songs in Spanish music, “Hijo de la Luna”, and a Zouk Love version of Aailyah’s “I Care 4 U”.

The title track “Festa Mascarado” is accompanied by an exciting music video which can be described as slightly surrealistic.

You can listen to the snippets and order a copy from either or

Exclusive interview with Suzanna Lubrano

Financial crisis? Stay calm!

Suzanna, last year you released “Saida”, an LP we can describe as a crossover as you somehow departed from Zouk to perform R&B songs. Would you term the new LP “Festa Mascarado”, a journey back home?

“Saida” the last LP was very diverse, we did that on purpose, we wanted to do something different from what I’ve been doing all the time, and I’m proud of that CD, I’m happy that we did it. But still I wanted to make another album, a commercial one as soon as possible. I wanted to do that because I know I have a lot of people who know me for playing Zouk, so I don’t want them to feel I’m letting them down, or that I’m taking another direction in music.

What’s the message you are trying to pass across in the new LP?

My message is always love. This time I think it is even more love than before. All the songs are about loving. And this is further backed up by the fact that Zouk is full of affection, a very romantic rhythm.

As a mother, it must be challenging to be able to find time to compose, work in the studio and at the same time take care of the family. How do you manage?

That’s a good question (laughs). Now, I try my best to have time with the kids, we play, we do everything, and I take very good care of them. Normally I go to the studio when they’ve gone to school. I also have this lovely sister who takes care of them when I have to go to the studio for a few hours when they are at home. And when I have to travel they stay with her. She helps me a lot. But when I’m back I spend all the time that I have with them.

Do they inspire you musically?

Oh yes, they do, they do. At times they give me melodies. It happened once and I used the melody of one of the twins, you know I have twins. They were listening to the sound, and it didn’t have voice, or melody, and she started singing, she started to do the melody. It was so nice that I told her “wow, this is beautiful, mom is gonna use that”. They are very talented and they like singing also.

What’s your message to our readers about the current financial crisis?

I think everybody deals with problems their way, but the thing that I always say is, stay calm, because there is always tomorrow, and you never know what tomorrow is gonna bring. So we shouldn’t enter into panic, also there is a solution for everything. Some people don’t see the way out and they don’t know how to deal with things. The way out is there, you just have to be calm and look for it.

By Stephen Ogongo Ongong’a