Akua Boahemaa Boate, TV star out to give voice to the voiceless

Interview with co-hostess of Ghana’s Most Beautiful Show

Akua Boahemaa Boate (ABB), a budding TV personality burst onto the Ghanaian screens a few months ago but has already proved to be a promising TV icon. She is a co-hostess of Ghana-based TV3’s popular live show christened Ghana’s Most Beautiful.

Akua is a young lady who has spice to make a positive impact on society. She spent about 15 years living and studying in the UK before returning to Ghana. In this interview, Akua shares with us more about herself, experience in the UK and job as a TV hostess.

Who is Akua Boahemaa Boate (ABB)?

ABB is a fresh individual who is looking to bring an additional dimension to broadcasting whereby my primary concern is providing an opportunity for the voice of the voiceless to be heard and understood; an opportunity to inspire and educate the youth – especially the female youth.

How did you get interested in broadcasting?

I have had an interest in broadcasting from a very early age; however, there was nothing specific that drew my attention but I always believed I had an innate ability in front of the camera.

What sort of upbringing did you have abroad and in Ghana?

I had a normal upbringing both in the UK and Ghana. In the UK I was exposed to a very structured lifestyle while in Ghana, although there was structure, it was not as rigid. The experiences and influences of both countries have allowed me to develop a variety of skill sets and the ability to easily adapt in any environment and this has shaped my outlook on life.

Do you manage to squeeze in a love life between your job as a TV hostess and all other projects?

I have had to learn to manage my time effectively and thus have learned to fit in all activities with relative ease.

If you were not on TV, what would you be doing?

Well, having successfully pursued a career in Law, the lure of the camera has taken precedence.

Who inspires you?

I believe the human being in its entirety inspires me. Our desire to survive irrespective of the circumstances we find ourselves epitomizes our essence.

Which TV personality do you admire?

Abroad I admire Trevor McDonald as he represents and inspires Africans in the Diaspora to achieve; In Ghana I admire Giffa as she tells it like it is and not afraid to speak her mind.

Tell us about your earlier adventures as well as your stint with Ghana’s Most Beautiful (GMB) Show.

Life previous to the GMB Show was very much predictable as I was managing my household and nurturing my two beautiful daughters Angel and Abidaisy. However, since the GMB Show, my work load has increased exponentially in a manner totally different albeit pleasantly. After the little beauties are asleep, I mentally prepare for the show sometimes having long days and short nights.  However, I appreciate that a high work load comes with the territory of the GMB Show and as such my strong work ethic helps me to cope admirably.

Did you always harbour a desire to work for TV3?

I always harboured a desire to work in TV but never restricted myself in thought to any single station.

What has been your most difficult moment on the GMB Show?

There has never been a difficult moment; I would prefer to see it rather as challenging as the last thing I expected was to have hundreds of people chanting ABB and to have such a huge following in such a short space of time. For this I am humbled by the generosity of Ghanaians.

Has working on GMB Show influenced your personal fashion taste?

I have always had a taste for fashion. The GMB Show has allowed me to add an additional dimension and mix a variety of cultures to create a new blend which I plan to release on my ABB Show to be aired in the near future.

Do you enjoy the fame of being a TV personality?

I do not see it as fame; I see it as more of an opportunity to engage with personalities at all levels and an opportunity to blend with all whose paths cross mine whilst imparting and exchanging views that would help us all to become more rounded and better developed human beings.

You lived abroad for a while, what were you doing there?

I was pursuing a degree in Law and broadening my horizons by engaging in travel around Europe.

Is there anything you miss abroad?

There is nothing I miss as there is no place like home and Ghana will always be home no matter how long I stay away. The warmth of the Ghanaian people is something that will always be missed when away from Ghana.

What was your most enjoyable part of living abroad?

I would say it would be the opportunity to interact with a variety of cultures without having to leave the shores of England. London was very cosmopolitan and in my area I had Chinese, Indian, English, Jamaican and Guyanese friends.

And do you hope for a long broadcasting career in Ghana?

I have left the decision for a long broadcasting career open to the people of Ghana. If they continue to love me I would stay in broadcasting as I relish the challenges.

Have you settled into the Ghanaian lifestyle easily having had a long stay abroad?

I am a true Ghanaian at heart so there is no adjustment required when at home.

What are your hobbies?

My hobbies are varied; I enjoy reading, travelling, fashion, music and just generally having a good chin wag with anyone who wishes to engage.