Actor Wale Ojo: Finally here’s a British-African Sitcom!

Actor Wale Ojo plays the role of Bayo in “Meet the Adebanjo’s”

Wale Ojo plays the role of Bayo in “Meet the Adebanjo’s”. Wale’s career spans over two decades. He started out as a child actor and has many theatre, television and film credits under his belt. His most recent television credits include “The No 1 Ladies Detective Agency” with Gill Scott and playing a Niger Delta militant in the new NBC series “The Philantropist” with James Purefoy.  

Wale has worked alongside greats such as Norman Beaton and Wole Soyinka. You will see him among Hollywood legends in upcoming films “Jonny English” with Rowan Atkinson and “The Guard” with Don Cheadle.

Wale, how did you feel acting in this sitcom?

As an actor who has been acting for the best part of two decades I have always been wondering why won’t anyone in the UK produce something for the UK African population. So when I saw the “Meet the Adebanjo’s” casting advert my heart leapt with Joy. At last it was happening.

And when I got given the role and saw what these two young producers Andrew and Debra were doing I resolved to give the character 150%. I took many traits from my growing up and how my uncles were. I really wanted to bring across authentically how an African man would act. Many times in the UK you see actors portraying Africans and while they give it a good try they just don’t do the accent any justice. I wanted the viewer to truly relate to the character Bayo and say yes I know a Nigerian man like him. And I think I managed to pull it off but I will let you be the judge of that. But overall it was a fantastic experience, the cast and crew was great – we all had a lot of fun on set and I can’t wait for Season 2!! All we need now is for you to watch, enjoy and support the movement we are trying to create!!

By Stephen Ogongo Ongong’a

Interview with Andrew Osayemi, Executive Producer of “Meet the Adebanjo’s”