Everybody wants to have Tea With The Duchess

Juggling between radio and TV is one huge task but one beautiful and talented lady makes it look rather easy. Well, I have to admit I do not drink tea and besides as a vegan I find it hard to get hold of vegan cakes but I’m about to break my own personal rules and join the one and only radio host and current queen of TV Nena on her much talked about new TV show ‘Tea With The Duchess’. Everybody loves Nena; she is extremely charming and warm. I caught up with her to find out why the sudden move to TV……..

Who is Duchess?

My real name is Nena Ubani and Duchess is a nickname my family and friends started calling me a few years ago. When I went into presenting I decided to adopt it as my alias.

Many know you from your role as radio host, how did you start your career in radio?

I have always loved radio work but had been too busy to pursue it.  In 2009, I was approached by one of my closest friends, Fola Awufodeju, to join the Woman 2 Woman team on Voice of Africa radio. This was how I started officially.

Nena Ubani, the host of Tea With The Duchess

From queen of radio to now queen of TV, have you quit radio?

Awwww. I haven’t quit radio but I have taken a little break to push the new TV Show.

I didn’t see this coming but like many I was extremely proud of you, tell me more about your new crown as queen of TV?

As a child, I dreamt of presenting but as I got older, I became more involved behind the scene, promoting others. This year, I decided to just go for it after many years of procrastinating.

How and why did you name it Tea With The Duchess?

Last year I had spoken to my co-producer, Brian Would about starting a show and wanting him to work with me on it. We never found time to meet to actually discuss it properly. In January, he ‘bullied’ me into meeting him for tea and I’m grateful for it because us having tea that day gave birth to Tea With The Duchess.

I know it is not about the most tea drunk or the best cake eaten but who has been your best tea drinker, whose company have you really enjoyed?

Lol. It is very difficult to say whose company I enjoyed most because each guest is dynamic and I have enjoyed them all.

Your TV show has only been around for a couple of months but the buzz around it is huge, how does that make you feel?

I feel so blessed. As you know I do not take myself serious and I hope people connected with my personality.

As a mother and a woman with lots of things going on, I always want to know how other women like me do it, tell me how do you manage to juggle all this with motherhood?

I don’t know if I can say I have mastered it but I prioritise.

Tea With The Duchess is an online TV programme, do you intend to put it on one of the stations in UK?

Yes, it will soon be on TV but I cannot reveal the station just yet.

Finally, who do you really want to have tea with and why?

I would love to have tea with Chinua Achebe. I love his books so much and it would be an honour to meet him. I would also like to have tea with you. You inspire me so much.

Tea With Duchess TV Show can be viewed at http://duchesstv.com/

By Pauline Long