D’shnay York, teen beauty queen ready to represent St. Maarten

With a famous award-winning catwalk and international model trainer as an uncle, teen beauty queen D’shnay York is no stranger to the catwalk. She in fact had her first catwalk at the tender age of two. The outgoing and beautiful teenager has participated in over six pageants and still going strong. I caught up with her for an exclusive interview as she prepares for yet another prestigious pageant set to take place in St. Maarten on 25th April 2012.

D’shnay, please tell us something about yourself.

Well first of all good day. My name is D’shnay York; I am a 14 years old student attending the St. Dominic High School in St. Maarten. I am a very outgoing person who loves to laugh. My hobbies are singing, dancing, modelling, and participating in beauty pageants. My future aspirations are to become a pathologist or Psychologist.    

How and when did you get into beauty pageants?

My first beauty pageant was when I was two years old in 1998, so I really don’t remember much about that but I do remember my first pageant after that when I was eight years old. My mother came up to me asked if I wanted to participate in that year’s pageant and me loving the spotlight of course said yes and from there I fell in love with pageants.

Who is your role model?

My mother is my role model because she is a woman I can look up to. She carries herself with pride, dignity and honour but most importantly she is someone who I would love to be like in the future.

What challenges have you faced in pageants to date?

I have not come across major problems in pageants but one of the challenges you frequently encounter is looking for sponsors.

You have a famous uncle, also award-winning model trainer do you look up to him?

Of course I look up to my uncle Catwalk Professor, he is like one of my idols, I always ask him if he can teach me how to walk and when I see him walk I just stand in awe and amazement.
Did he encourage you to join pageants?

Yes he did, for every one of my pageants he has chaperoned me.

Most beauty pageants support a good cause, what cause is close to your heart?

There are many causes that I hold close to my heart so it is very hard to just name one so I will just name a few: teenage pregnancy, crime, drugs  and education.

Tell us a bit more about the pageant you are contesting in now.

Well I am competing in the Miss. Carnival Teen Queen 2012 pageant which is being held on 25th April 2012. It is a pageant where five lovely, talented young ladies between the ages of 13 and 16 are vying for the crown. We have gone on many outings together such as the Loterie farm, to the Doctor Fish Restaurant, Fusion Restaurant; we had a motorcade where we travelled around the island in Ranglers and we visited the Senior citizens home. During the process I have learnt a lot about different personalities and I have gained new friendships. We recently had our first round which was the speech and cultural wear segments. On the official night the contestants will be making appearances in introduction, talent, carnival costume and evening wear.
How can our readers support you?

You can support me by liking my Facebook page “D’shnay York for Carnival Teen Queen 2012” or by liking my pictures on St. Maarten Carnival Facebook fan page. When you get there you go to their photos, look for the teen and senior albums and look for me and like my pictures.

Let us play a little game so I just get a bit more about you. Red or black?

Well between those two it is kind of hard but I choose red because red symbolizes power, authority, leadership, courage, those being all part of the type of character I would love to have.

Hiphop or Reggae?  

Hiphop is definitely a favourite.

School or shopping?

Well school always comes first and I love school but shopping is all teenage girls’ passion.

Catwalk or cinema?

Catwalk for sure because one of my hobbies is modelling.

Shorts or dresses?

Shorts because down here it is very hot and I am outgoing.

Lipstick or hair extensions?

Lipstick for pageant, lip-gloss on a regular basis.

What do you aspire to be?

I aspire to become a pathologist or a psychologist.  A pathologist because St. Maarten is in great need of one. When a homicide is committed we have to go to Curacao for one, and because I love the study of the deceased. A Psychologist because I like to listen to and give advice to others.
Any world domination for you?

Well, should I win this pageant I will represent St. Maarten to the best of my ability. I will be present where ever needed and be ready for duty.

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By Pauline Long