Krystle and Pauline Corner: How to keep work-life balance

Dear Krystle and Pauline,
I’ve just started my own business, which I’m really excited about. However, due to financial constraints (i.e. mortgage repayments) I’m struggling to combine it with full time employment. It’s starting to get too much, I feel like I’m constantly stuck behind a computer screen and my relationship is floundering. How can I make time for everything?

Answer: First step, breathe! Starting a new business can be overwhelming at the best of times, as you get to grips with all the components. However, achieving a successful home/work life balance is vital in order for you to stick at this for the long-term, and eventually enable you to give up your current employment.  

To best help you, we’ve enlisted the help of Life coach Patricia Campbell, who advises: “Managing time effectively is necessary for productivity.  Organisation is your greatest ally in your efforts to juggle the roles of entrepreneur, employee, husband, etc.  Keeping to-do lists with clear actionable items will also help you to reach your goals and get things done. Ensure you set firm start and end times, sticking to your pre-established rota and finishing at a respectable hour which will allow you to enjoy some relaxing winding-down time with your partner. With only 24 hours in a day, there will always be demands on your time; you will have to learn to prioritise more effectively to ensure you can achieve your goals whilst not allowing life to pass you by.”

By Pauline and Krystle Downie

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