We won a case but Home Office is silent. How do we get our visas?

Should we just send our passports even before Home Office requests for them?

Question: Hi! I am having a bit of problem with the Home Office. I won a case at a Tribunal a few months ago and got a response from the Judge.

We waited to get a response from the Home Office but none came. We wrote to them a few times but still no response.

I am a bit concerned and don’t know what to do. Should I just go ahead and send my passport and that of my wife to the Home Office so they can stamp in the visas or should we just wait? It is causing me great depression. My wife has already lost her job because of the absence of the visa.

Answer: The correct procedure would be to write to the Home Office Presenting Unit to find out the address of the relevant Home Office Appeals Implementation Unit.

We would not advise you to send the passports to the Home Office, without being asked to do so as it is likely that you will not send it directly to the right department and there is therefore a high risk that your passports would be lost.

Generally after winning appeal the Home Office write to request the passport from the successful Appellant 1-3 months after the appeal determination has been issued.

Should you not receive any correspondence even after making requests to the Appeals Implementation Unit then you may wish to take up complaint to the official Home Office complaint’s department.

By Greenfields Solicitors,