Voice4Change England conference to propose ‘Third Way’ to discuss racism and solutions

Voice4Change England (V4CE) will host a conference to discuss racism and solutions to racism in the UK.

Alternative PerspectivesThe conference comes in the wake of a NatCen British Social Attitudes survey which showed 30% of Brits admit to being racially prejudiced.

V4CE, which is a charity representing Black and minority ethnic groups across the country, holds that a “third way” is necessary to find common ground between UKIP voters and anti-racist activists.

The conference hosted by V4CE will discuss ‘alternative perspectives’ to the debate about racism. The charity will also be launching a discussion pamphlet which challenges assumed wisdom and old patterns of campaigning.

The ‘Alternative Perspectives: Flipping the Script’ conference – which will respond to the NatCen social attitudes research – will take place on 26th June 2014, from 9.30am to 5.30pm, at Bernie Grant Arts Centre, Town Hall Approach Road, Tottenham Green, London, N15 4RX.

The conference will explore: How we get rid of the confusion between racism and prejudice; New approaches to tackling structural and institutional racism; and How to bring together citizens who are concerned about immigration and activists committed to fighting racism.

Kunle Olulode, Director of Voice4Change England, said: “There’s a lot of polarisation involved in the debate around race and immigration, some of which has been fed by media coverage. As a result we have a chasm between many ordinary citizens who do not consider themselves to be racially prejudiced, and campaigners for race equality.

“But the truth is we can find common ground and build on that. We have to move forward quickly because the scourge of unequal racial outcomes is ruining too many lives and life chances.”

Mr Olulode noted that while the NatCen research showed 70% of people surveyed did not consider themselves prejudiced, the vast majority also wanted to clamp down on immigration. “In order to unpick these attitudes we must first engage those of different viewpoints in a constructive dialogue,” Mr Olulode said. “That’s what the Alternative Perspectives conference aims to do.”

More information about the Alternative Perspectives conference can be found at alternativeperspective.eventbrite.co.uk or alternativeperspectives.org.