TG Foundation and Mothers of Congo to host screening of “Seeds of Hope”

seeds of hopeFiona Lloyd-Davies’ visually stunning and gut-achingly harrowing Documentary film “Seeds of Hope” will be screened on 26th November 2014 in London.

The screening, organised by the TG Foundation in collaboration with Mothers of Congo and sponsored by the Universal Peace Federation (UPF), will be held at 6.30pm at the UPF Headquarters, 43 Lancaster Gate, London, W2 3NA.  

Filmmaker Lloyd-Davies will attend the event and will participate in a Q&A panel, together with Tatiana Giraud – the Founder of the TG Foundation, Charlotte Simon – the Founder of Mothers of Congo and activist Robin Marsh of the Universal Peace Federation.

The evening will start with a drinks and canapés reception from 6.30pm, followed by the screening of the film and will close with a Q&A session on the current human rights situation in the DRC. The panel will be chaired by Ms Giraud.  

The event is aimed at shedding light on the ongoing war and occupation of the DRC, as well as the sexual violence taking place in the north-eastern Congo.

Ms Tatiana Giraud, Founder of TG Foundation

Guests will also learn the reasons for the violence and sexual atrocities taking place in the country. Illegal exploitation of Blood Metals is one of the factors behind the endless conflicts in the DRC.

The event will give the guests an opportunity of finding out how they can actively participate to help end violence against women and children in the DRC.

All proceeds raised from this event will go towards funding the TG Foundation’s Education Programme and the Masika Centre in the DRC.

“This year’s Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict was a step in the right direction for DRC and other countries affected by the horrific plague of sexual violence and rape during wartime. Nowhere else in the world has experienced such grave human rights violations against women and children as the DRC,” said Ms Giraud.

She welcomed the recent conviction of Congolese army General Jerome Kakwavu and the upcoming trial of former Tutsi Rwandan Patriotic Front Rebel, Bosco Ntaganda.

Ms Giraud however, noted that despite the UN Security Council Reports denouncing the Rwandan Government’s backing of the M23 rebel group that invaded Goma, the Rwandan Government has still not faced any charges for breaching international law and illegally participating in the invasion and occupation of a neighbouring sovereign territorial State.  

“If the British Government knows that President Kagame of Rwanda is responsible for backing rebel groups operating in Congo, why hasn’t the international community called for a full investigation and a warrant for his arrest by the ICC? In essence, Paul Kagame is by default guilty of war crimes in Congo,” Ms Giraud said.

She said there was still much to be done to end sexual violence in the DRC. “We believe that we are on the right track, but until the women, children and men of eastern Congo get full justice, the terrible violence that they have been enduring for almost 20 years will continue. We have it in our power to stop their suffering. We owe it to them not to let them down,” Ms Giraud said.

Screening of “Seeds of Hope” by Fiona Lloyd-Davies
Date: 26th November 2014 at 6.30pm
Venue: Universal Peace Federation (UPF) Headquarters,
43 Lancaster Gate, London, W2 3NA.