Movement Against Xenophobia hosts “Stop Scapegoating Immigrants” meeting in London

Movement Against Xenophobia (MAX) has organised a public meeting in London against scapegoating immigrants.

Stop Scapegoating ImmigrantsIt will be part of MAX’s activities to counter the growth of right wing nationalism and xenophobia in the UK.

The meeting will be held on 19th May 2014, at 7.00pm at Indian YMCA, 41 Fitzroy Square, London W1T 6QA.

“Immigrants are getting a raw deal in this election campaign, with promises of further restrictions and the threat to free movement within Europe being promoted by UKIP and others,” says MAX. “Throughout the life of the Coalition Government we have seen primary and secondary legislation introduced which demonises and marginalises immigrants.”

MAX observes that this trend is set to continue throughout the next year as the UK approaches the General Election.

“We need to put a marker down and say NO to this competition of intolerance,” says MAX.

The meeting will be addressed by: Natalie Bennett, Leader, Green Party; Dr Tommy Tomescu, Alliance Against Romanian and Bulgarian Discrimination; Jasna Badzak, former UKIP Press Officer; Shreya Paudel, International Students Officer elect, NUS; and Lee Jasper, BARAC.

Movement Against Xenophobia is a campaign aimed at countering the emergence of a vicious anti-immigrant discourse adopted by most mainstream political parties in the UK.