Professional Blogging in the London African Community

The online migration portal Migreat are hosting a professional blogging event for London’s rich and diverse community of African writers and bloggers in April 2015 titled: Professional Blogging in the London African Community.


This event is in high demand and targeted at African bloggers and writers.


Migreat Africans is the online one-stop-shop of information and news for African migrants to London. There will be a morning panel followed by a WordPress and Youtube Africa tutorials from experts. The morning panel discussion will bring prominent figures of London based African Writers and Bloggers together to discuss the concept of Identity, Home and Belonging within the UK African Community context. Are foreign cultures filling in the Identity ‘gaps’ that exist within UK African and Caribbean communities?

More information can be found on the Migreat Eventbrite here.

Read more about this event here at Migreat Africans, the sister company of Afronews | Migreat Africans is committed to serve and share the latest happenings, events and news for Europe’s growing African community.