Artist Eugene Ankomah to launch brand new artwork

Eugene Ankomah, a famous London based artist is set to launch a brand new, never seen before style of work.

The collection called ‘Jump in Ship’, features the innovative work of Eugene as well as a small range of work created by other artists.  

The contemporary artist is using his style in a new way to excite his fan base and to gain a new set of followers.

Eugene is a helpful and caring character within society and this is shown by how he spends his time. “Since the London riots in 2011, I have spent quite a bit of time with the younger generation as they got much of the blame,” Eugene says. “I feel this was wrong of society to blame them, and so I have worked on many projects to create a sense of community and to lead them in a good direction. The riots inspired me but so did the younger people and so I wanted to give them purpose and direction and this will be seen throughout my work.”

Eugene is pulling out all of the stops to ensure that the launch for his new company EA Creative Art is superb.  

Having hired two boats, the ‘Lady Daphne’ and the ‘Phoenicia’ he will certainly be the talk of the town.

Eugene is known for his wild and diverse work within the art world and has attracted many high profile names such as English poet Michael Horovitz, singer Dizzie Rascal, the Royal Family in Turin, Italy and actress Freema Agyeman alongside many more celebrities.

Throughout his career, Eugene is always re-inventing himself through his work. In recent years he has been greatly influenced by the African cultures creating a range of tribal pieces including sculptures, performances and artworks.

“All these works and mediums looked at aspects of my African identity and my metamorphosis as a cross-cultural artist. On the whole I am inspired by many different cultures. I can get inspiration from the smallest idea or vision; it’s something I can never predict.”

‘Jump in Ship’ will be launched on 28th September 2012 and is based at St Katherine’s dock, London.  

The festivities will include a hot buffet, drinks, entertainment, games, a raffle, an exhibition of the artist’s work and an auction.  

Tickets are priced at £95 each and are limited. For more information or to get hold of a ticket call Expose to Connections on 0845 094 1634 or e-mail them on