Aabru Art to bring to London contemporary West African arts

Aabru Art will host its pop-up exhibition, “Transcending Boundaries”, from 4th February 2013 at the Cork Street Gallery.

The first pop-up gallery of its kind in London, “Transcending Boundaries” will display exceptional contemporary art from West Africa. Specialising in African art, Aabru Art has chosen 21 leading Nigerian artists, including recognised masters, Abiodun Olaku, Ben Osaghae and sculptors Bunmi Babatunde and Fidelis Odogwu, to take part in the show.

Abiodun Olaku’s “Life Goes On” (Lagos)

Aabru Art works closely with a small group of artists who create these highly sought after pieces. They range in style from Olaku’s stunningly lifelike oil paintings and Osaghae’s socio-political depictions of local Nigerian life and culture, to Babatunde’s fascination for the human form in large- scale bronze and wood.

The work of these masters has been exhibited across Africa and the world but the artists are relatively unknown outside of Africa, with the exception of a handful of devotees.

Aabru Art is a London based firm focused on sourcing, marketing and distributing West African contemporary art to the international buyer. Aabru Art believes that there is a wealth of unexplored talent from West Africa that deserves a global audience.

Aabru Art works in partnership with the artists to raise awareness and understanding of West African contemporary art in the international market and educate investors and collectors of the potential investment opportunities that exist.

Aabru Art was founded by Anshu Bahanda in 2011 after a life-long passion for art and connections with West Africa.

Ms. Bahanda said: “Transcending Boundaries will be the first chance for many people outside of Africa to see the work of these incredible artists. The show will be a real celebration of the immense talent working in Africa today and I hope will lead to further opportunities for the artists to show to the widest audience possible.”

Dates: 4th to 9th February 2013
Venue: The Gallery in 28 Cork Street, Mayfair, London W1S 3NG