‘Night stalker’ gets life

Judge Rook: Grant was a “very dangerous man capable of committing heinous crimes”

Serial sex attacker Delroy Grant has been sentenced to life in jail for attacking at least 203 elderly people in their homes, during a 17-year campaign of terror.

53 year-old Grant was told on Thursday, by London’s Woolwich crown court that he would serve at least 27 years behind bars.

He was convicted of 29 charges in relation to indecent assaults, rapes, burglaries and attempted burglaries against elderly people between October 1992 and November 2009.

During the proceedings, the Metropolitan police force apologised for mistakes, which led to 146 attacks being committed after Grant should have been arrested.

The court also heard about the impact of Grant’s crimes from his victims, with Judge Peter Rook saying that Grant was a “very dangerous man capable of committing heinous crimes and causing incalculable harm,” guardian.co.uk reported.

The former minicab driver received four life sentences for three rapes and one attempted rape of elderly women. Grant also received concurrent sentences for seven indecent assaults and 18 burglaries and attempted burglaries.