Guard jailed for stealing from lawyers

An Old Bailey security guard has been caught stealing from some of the UK’s top barristers.

An undercover operation was launched after lawyers complained that their personal belongings, including cash, mobile phones and wigs were going missing from the robing room.

When detectives left fake copies of £100 notes in a wallet as bait, their hidden cameras showed Ifamuyiwa Callisto enter the room which is reserved for barristers changing into gowns.

The 52-year-old was seen going through suit jackets, lockers and finding the fake cash in the wallet which he took.

Last week Callisto was jailed for six months after pleading guilty to three accounts of theft.

According to, police who raided his home also found £1,900 worth of fountain pens which belonged to Michael Wolkind QC. The pens had been reported missing last September, while Mr Wolkind was working on a murder trial.

Callisto’s defence told the court that financial troubles made him turn to crime.

Since his arrest, the father-of-three from Tower Hamlets had been thrown out of home by his wife and fired from his job at the court.