We don’t vote councillors in to cut jobs and provisions and services – says Colette Williams

Colette WilliamsThis is the third time that I am standing as a candidate in the local elections – not a quest for power, because if I just wanted to become a councillor I could have done that three years ago when I was invited by a Labour MP to join Labour and I’d be guaranteed a seat in council.

This is about being a VOICE, YOUR VOICE!

We don’t vote councillors in to cut jobs and provisions and services, we vote them in to protect us, to fight for us, to challenge the injustice and inequality which pervades policies and politics and institutions; schools, work, health services, lack of opportunities…..

As a Mother I have fought and challenged the education system in order for my two children to receive an education that inspires, encourages, acknowledges their abilities and capacity.

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Having to take my son out of his school because they refused to accept that he was more than a footballer or music orientated…nothing wrong with those avenues but not everyone wants to be a footballer or music mogul.

As a Black woman; single parent I have challenged that ‘stereotype’.

As a mature unemployed woman, at the grand ‘old’ age of 43, I know what it feels like to wake up in the morning with that tag of ‘worklessness’ being forced onto me….. compounded by wondering, fretting about how we are going to get through the day…gas, electricity, food and other essentials, but I am spurned on because I know that I have so much more to give, so much more to achieve.

Politics demand ‘rationality’ and perhaps what I write may prove to be an indictment, but this is my reality, my life and life is emotional, life is experience, life is ever demanding and rather than taking and settling with the sentiment of making ‘best of what little we have’ I choose to challenge, demand and fight for better.

By Colette Williams,
the Respect Party candidate for the ward of Moss Side