Two Ebola volunteers in Sierra Leone back to UK “for precautionary monitoring”

Two volunteers who were treating Ebola patients in Sierra Leone have been transported to the UK for observation.

Public Health England (PHE) said the two, who have not been named, have not been diagnosed with Ebola.

They also don’t currently have any symptoms, and their risk of developing the infection remains low.

The volunteers will be initially assessed in hospital and subsequently monitored for any symptoms for the remainder of their 21 day incubation periods, in line with standard procedures for returning workers.

Dr Jenny Harries, regional director for PHE, said: “The risk to the public posed by these and indeed any of the returning workers is extremely low. We are confident that all appropriate public health actions have been taken, and will continue to be taken, to support these individuals and to protect the public’s health.

“It’s important to remember, in choosing to volunteer, that these individuals have taken a courageous step not only to help those affected in West Africa, but also prevent the spread of Ebola any wider.”

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