Terrence Higgins Trust to raise awareness of HIV among African faith groups in UK

Terrence Higgins Trust, the UK’s largest HIV and sexual health charity is launching a project to provide African faith leaders with the skills and knowledge to support people living with HIV in their communities.

AIDSThrough the Faith and Community Project, the charity will also work closely with the African faith groups to raise awareness of HIV and encourage regular testing to African communities.

Terrence Higgins Trust will also offer faith groups the opportunity to access rapid HIV testing services. Testing involves a finger prick blood test, providing results within 20 minutes.

African communities remain one of the groups most at risk of HIV in the UK, with 1,522 new diagnoses last year.

Health Improvement Specialist Marcy Madzikanda said: “We are delighted to be launching this project and to be working so closely with African communities in the UK. African communities remain one of the groups at increased risk of contracting HIV so it is really important that we seek every opportunity to talk to the community about testing. Faith leaders have an important role to play in opening up the discussion of HIV and sexual health within their congregations and communities and we hope this openness will help raise awareness of HIV and the services that Terrence Higgins Trust offers.”

The charity is appealing to volunteers from African communities to help them build relationships with African faith and community leaders, and raise awareness of the range of services on offer to African communities.
Madzikanda said: “Volunteers are part of the fabric of Terrence Higgins Trust and without them we couldn’t provide all the services we do. In return for offering us your time, we will provide all the training and support you need. So why not get in touch today to find out more about joining our friendly team.”
Faith leaders interested in developing their knowledge to support people living with HIV and those interested in volunteering with the Faith and Community project are urged to send an email to: marcy.madzikanda@tht.org.uk

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