Migreat hosts London’s African Community Writers

Migreat Communities hosted its fourth community event of 2015 for London’s growing community of African writers and bloggers last weekend. The day saw a morning panel debating concepts of Identity, belonging and local african content, followed by afternoon workshops equipping bloggers and writesr with the tools and know-how to make good online content.


Migreat Africans were delighted to welcome Josef Israel (BBC), Nels Abbey (The Voice Newspaper), Samantha Asumadu (Media Diversified), Tricia Wombell (Black Book Swap), Naomi Fltecher (Ghanaian Language School) and Kayode Ogundamisi (BEN TV) to discuss Culture, Identity and Belonging within the UK Black Community context. This was followed by afternoon workshops and tutorials by Rafi Akbar, Sergio Lopez, Gracey Mae and Belinda Otas in the afternoon on what makes good online content for our community of London based African Bloggers and Writers which attended the event.



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