London meeting to create National Afrikan People’s Parliament

A National Assembly will be held in London on 30th July 2011 to brainstorm on the creation of the National Afrikan People’s Parliament.

The meeting will be held at the Queen Mother Moore School, Clapham Methodist Church Hall, Nelsons Row, London, SW4 7JR from 5.00 pm to 8.30 pm.

Organisers use the term ‘Afrikan’ to refer to Africans, Caribbeans or Black people of African origin/descent.

The National Assembly will bring together Afrikans from all over the UK in a consultation process, towards establishing the National Afrikan People’s Parliament.

“We are inviting the Afrikan (Black) Community and community organisations to come and play their part in determining a brighter, more productive and empowered future for our youth, our children and our posterity,” says the Central Organising Committee.

The commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the National “Black People’s Day of Action”, on 2nd March 2011, marked the most powerful event in the history of ‘Black Britain’, when over 25,000 people protested the New Cross Massacre (18th January 1981). Following this successful commemorative Day of Action, a series of community meetings were held, where it was agreed to establish a National Afrikan (Black) People’s Parliament.

The Parliament would act as a counter force to the excessive negative impact of UK institutions on Afrikans psychologically, culturally, spiritually and economically.

It will be a nationwide, independent, representative body whose purpose is to promote, preserve and protect the best interests of Afrikan people in the UK, by forging unity amongst community groups, organisations and individuals across social, ideological and religious lines. It will also aim at people empowerment, institution building and implementing solutions to the problems affecting the community.