Former Miss West Africa International launches charity to support Ebola victims

Hawa Kamara, Miss West Africa International 2013 has launched a non-profit organization Girl Pikin 4 Betteh to raise funds to support poor young Ebola victims in Sierra Leone.

Hawa Kamara, Miss West Africa International 2013

“Sierra Leone is putting an end to its Ebola epidemic, but Ebola was not just an illness that came and went like the flu,” Ms Kamara said.

She said the disease affected so many families and left many poor young orphans.

Sierra Leone may be succeeding to defeat Ebola but if nothing is done to support those affected, “then we have not ended the destruction of the illness,” Ms Kamara said.

She is appealing to African celebrities to use her new organisation to support young children in West Africa who have lost their parents to Ebola.

Ms Kamara urged Africans in countries not hit by Ebola to stop considering the problem as something external. “We need to work together,” she said.

Girl Pikin 4 Betteh can be contacted by sending an email to

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