Black women in UK ready to get into debt for their favourite designer brands – survey

16th February 2015: Black women in the UK love designer brands and are ready “to stretch their budgets to the limit to purchase leading brand clothing,” a new survey has revealed.

An Ethically-Made Luxury bag by Ghanaian Fashion designer Akosua Afriyie-KumiThe survey commissioned by Safojo, an online African fashion accessories store reveals that 75% of African-British women love designer brands and would event get into debt for their favourite designer labels.

Researchers interviewed Black women aged between 21 and 49 living in London and south-east of England.

More than half of the respondents said they buy designer wear at last least once or twice a month while around four-fifths said they do so at least once a month.

According to the survey, three-quarters of Black women say they buy designer clothing and accessories because it makes them happy. Such products, they say, are both more tasteful and of a higher quality.

Black women seemingly don’t mind spending between £200 and £500 a month on designer clothing and accessories.