Betty Makoni to officially launch autobiography and raise funds for needy girls

Betty Makoni, the founder of Girl Child Network will officially launch her autobiography “Never Again, not to any woman or girl again” on 13th April 2013 in Essex.

The night dubbed, Never Again will usher a new era of activism with women and girls, men and boys sharing real life stories of triumph and pledging to join Girl Child Network Worldwide in taking its girls empowerment agenda to highest level.

The situation of girls forced to marry, going under Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and raped is worrying and the launch of this book will open a Pandora’s Box and inspire many in the world.

“Violence against women and girls must stop once and for all. We made a decision to be victorious and not victims. This is our special night to reflect, speak, laugh, cry, fundraise, give, take, dance, hug and forge ahead,” Ms. Makoni said. “We want to instil a new culture of love, peace and harmony in our lives, communities and families. I am so delighted that a story like mine, a once poor and sexually abused girl vendor could get so much support from everyone and get lots of women and girls identify with it. My story like stories of many women and girls are told in a sentence, a paragraph or page but on the night I am hoping everyone will open their over 600 page book like mine.”

African queens and princess in the UK, as well as the most successful African women and men are expected to attend the event.

Guest Speaker for the night will be Her Royal Highness Princess Deun Arize Adedoyin-Solarin who is a renowned global broadcaster of the Princess of Arize show on Ben TV on channel Sky 182. She has signaled the need to hold highly every African woman and girl.

Director of the event is Pauline Long, who is one of most influential Black Women in Europe and the Founder of Black and Ethnic Minority Awards (BEFFTA). Ms. Long has a long list of awards and honors for supporting charity work.

Community champions in the Zimbabwean community in the UK including Stephanie Chiyangwa, Founder of Help Us Help Ourselves and Linda Satimburwa, Founder of Power of Business Networking and Rural Child Education Sponsor will also address the event.

In her provocative new book, “Never Again: Not to any Woman or Girl Again” (published by Trafford Publishing), Ms. Makoni shares a new vision of what must be done to end violence against women and girls in the home, school, community and beyond.

Ms. Makoni was only six years old when her life tragically fell apart after she was brutally raped. When she was only nine years old, her mother died as a result of domestic violence, forcing the young girl to take on the role of mother instead of daughter.

As a young girl, Ms. Makoni was not fully aware that there were millions of other women and girls going through similar situations. Once she realized the staggering number of other women and girls suffering from abuse, she told herself one day she would break silence and inspire millions across the globe to do the same.

She took a self-empowerment journey to be an activist, an empowered, teacher, wife, mother and a global champion for girls. Ms. Makoni refused to be or remain a victim or defined by what she suffered no matter how awful.

After graduating from university, Ms. Makoni went to teach in a school in the same neighborhood that made her a victim of patriarchy. She later realized that the situation had not changed. Rather than stand by and cry over it, she took action and worked to stop the menace. Her story shows survival, triumph and empowerment of an African girl and emerging victorious against incredible odds.
Today, she is a global leader of an activist development organization called Girl Child Network Worldwide, which grew from 10 female students from her class to millions of girls worldwide, making it one of the largest global movements for girls ever coming from a school project in a poor village in Africa.

Ms. Makoni moved from her small village to the global village and, with the help of this book, is making sure the whole world joins her effort.

Venue: The Thurrock Hotel, Ship Lane, Purfleet, Essex, RM 19 1YN (Please note there is a bus from London to the hotel)
Date: 13th April 2013
Time: 6: 00pm (Strict) till 12 midnight
Phone: 07951522790
Ticket: £35.  £25 for a three course meal and dessert.  £10 donation to a girl whose profile is matched to your table.