Betty Makoni appoints Pauline Long face of her new book

Betty Makoni, girl child rights activist has appointed Pauline Long, the founder of BEFFTA Awards as the ambassador for her new book “Never Again: Not to any woman or girl again”.

The book tipped to be adopted on the big screens in the near future is a best seller and has already proved popular despite being out just for one week.

Pauline Long, founder of BEFFTA Awards

Ms. Makoni is a multi-global award winner, renowned poet, speaker, gender activist and advocate for girls and women worldwide.

She has dedicated her life to working with abused African girls and children.

To date Betty has worked with over 350,000 girls in several African countries.

She established the Girl Child Network Worldwide 12 years ago to rescue and mentor raped and abused girls.

Ms. Makoni, who was raped at the age of six and lost her mother at the age of nine due to domestic violence, candidly lets us into her life from childhood to date in her new book.  

“I am aligning myself with women who stand for good causes, women who empower, women who inspire, women who share, women who give back,” said Ms. Long. “I have fully endorsed Ms. Makoni’s new book and proud to be the face of it.”

Ms. Long described “Never Again: Not to any woman or girl again” as “a must read! It is a book for the home, for schools, for colleges, universities, your place of work, in church and everywhere.”