ADVICE FOR WOMEN: Why you should listen to what other women say about the man you are dating

Sisters when a sister warns you about a brother, when she tells you to “be careful” listen to her, don’t be caught up in she’s “jealous”, she could be saving your life!

Ms Sara Myers

Don’t allow your own ego stop you from hearing her heart. Don’t be swept off your feet that you bury your head in a fairy-tale of perfection. “Mr Nice Guy”, can also be “Mr Not So Nice Guy”.

Please take the time out to get to know who he is you are dating. Meet his friends and family, ask questions, get to know his ex’s/baby’s mothers, etc. They are not your enemies; in fact they will know him better than you.

And if he seems too good to be true, you better believe he is! That’s not “bitterness” speaking, it’s reality.

Protect and guard up your heart and mind. Remember the sisterhood. And if a sister doesn’t want to hear you when you warn her, don’t worry, you’ve done your part, she will soon feel it.

Your conscience is clear; you can sleep, and sleep well.

By Sara Myers

Watch out this space for a detailed article on this topic by Sara Myers coming soon.


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